Sunsets are like fingerprints, each different as it holds the treasured memories gathered since the early morning light. Their beauty is so loud... as night falls like the encore of a concert 


It’ll come with time  One morning you’ll wake and feel the need to change Listen to your body  Give it all the love you possibly can because it’s the only thing you can truly hold tight every night  Life will bring change and send us through some crazy times   But in each situation  Each day  Put yourself first   Love yourself first And the world shall follow closely behind ready to catch you


Wake up and make magic  Open your eyes To the droplets of water on a winters dawn  To the sun kisses between the leaves  To the breath inside your lungs escaping to the clouds Each day you have the choice to tune into the rhythm of life, to the beauty that circles your every movement  As an individual you have the choice to say ‘YES’ to today Wake with the phrase ‘I am beautiful’, ‘I will make magic happen’ Live life with this phrase on repeat and you will  attract  the reality that you possess outwards to your surroundings 


We live in a world, a world with strict guidelines.  Rules only to impress the soul centre of society.   We are driven like seaweed in an ocean current.  Sent to live in endless concrete streets. Working for money, for paper notes in our back pockets.   Driven by consumerism. We are spending too much time on peripheral surfaces, not acknowledging the little beauties in life. No longer making visits to our close friends, rather just texting them on a daily basis. Nor are we catching up to blast our favourite album.  See the beauty in nature,  in silence, i n the smiles of those around you.   Let the rhythm of live music replace your heart beat. Don’t live in fear. Make mistakes that will only become the best of memories. To unleash a life bound of freedom stop what is making you unhappy,  spend time for yourself and rule out the negatives.   Remove the toxic people who are denaturing your essence.  Stop living each day to impress others, to fulfil the la


Our brains are connected to this world through our eyes, and our eyes connected to our soul. We all see this world through different lenses. Some see beauty in money, while others see beauty in a homeless man’s smile. Some see this world as a prison, living off the negatives. Whilst others have broken free from the jail bars and wake each day to seek sunlight. It's strange how one world can be seen so differently and how everyone has their own thoughts every single second, but we rarely seek to share what our amazing brains are creating. Take a little glimpse into the mind of another and seek artistry in each and every bubble of thought


Disconnect sometimes, unplug from all your responsibilities, take a random trip and watch the sun fall beneath the horizon


As humans we are all different, sharing opposing passions and desires. But what we share is time, and the presence of now. A time to create unity, happiness and adventure in our hearts. Don’t wait for the right moment to change, to make action and follow a dream, for the time that passes is the time wasted on perfection. Don’t wait, be here, act now and create a world of happiness for all.